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My daughter Laura and her husband Chris began an adventure in China that began in August of 2010.  Chris is studying Chinese as part of the BYU Flagship study abroad program in which he is finishing his degree in Chinese.  There are several young men in the program.

In addition to their studies, this group of BYU students and their families participate in cultural activities that help strengthen relations between our two cultures in addition to improving their Chinese skills, most of which were acquired serving missions in Taiwan.

One such activity took place in late 2010 when the group of young men in the program put together a small band and performed on Jiangsu's Got Foreign Talent along with their wives as groupies.  Definitely an experience they'll never forget.

Christmas Holidays 2010

Plus Carol's Birthday


September 2009

60th Wedding Anniversary

Gerald & Betty Scott

September 2009

Visitors from Texas Visit Georgia

August 2009

Misc Pics

July 2009

Nantahala Camping

and Rafting Trip

Select Photographs from Late 2008 and Early 2009

Blogs with Photographs


Rachel & Jeremy

Emily & Morgan

Lollie & Chris



  Grandchildren are the Greatest! Life Video Played at Wedding Receptions

August 2008

Chris & Laura's Wedding

August 2008

Wedding - Trip to Calif

October 2006

Halloween - Mikayla

July 2006

Summer Trip to Maine

April 2006


 Professional Shots

April 2006

Dad's Naval Reunion in Las Vegas

April 2006

Grand Canyon Visit

April 2006

McKinney Easter Celebration

December 2005

Family Portraits - Proofs

December 2005

Emily & Morgan Wedding Photos

November 2005

McKinney Family Photographs

October 2005

McKinney Family Photographs

September 2005

Emily & Morgan Photo Shoot for Invitations

August 2005

McKinney Family Photographs

July 2005

Family Vacation to South Carolina

June 2005

McKinney Family Photographs

April 2005

McKinney Family Photographs

March 2005

McKinney Family Photographs

February 2005

McKinney Family Photographs

January 2005

McKinney Family Photographs

December 2004

Mikayla Elaine Matthews

November 2004

McKinney Family Photographs

October 2004

McKinney Family Photographs

October 2004

Roswell Ward's relief effort to Hurricane Jeanne victims in Kissimmee, FL

AJCArticle-Lollie-02.jpg (40957 bytes)

October 2004

Laura gets her picture in the October 3rd Atlanta Journal and Constitution

September 2004

Photographs taken in Pensacola, FL from the destruction of Hurricane Ivan

September 2004

Rachel and Jeremy's New Home + Emily at BYU

August 2004

Birthdays + Back to School Trip to Utah

July 2004

Birthdays + Trip to Chattanooga

June 2004

Birthdays + Summer at home

January 2004

Alta Company Cruise

July - August 2003 

Summer Vacation

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August 1998 - Philmont Trek December 2002 March 2003 2003 Springtime in Georgia