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Family Portrait - August, 2001

Back row: Jeremy Matthews, Carol, Tom, Dan

Front Row: Rachel Matthews, Emily, Laura



  • Photograph Albums - Welcome to our family photograph albums.  To navigate, click on any photograph.  That will place you in the album beginning your tour at that particular photograph.  From the upper right corner of each photograph page you can navigate forward and backwards in the album by using the to go forward, and the to go back a photo.  The will return you to the album index.

  • Family History - This site contains a genealogy of the McKinney Kids plus a link to the Mote Family Forum.  The Mote Family forum has some photographs of interest for that side of the family.

  • Family Web Sites from others in our family

  • Inspiration - Collection of inspirational thoughts, videos, etc.

  • Humor - Aug 2008 - I'm just starting this page.  I hope to place some funny stuff here to engender a laugh when needed...

  • Our Faith - From time to time people ask us about our faith.  We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  If you've ever had questions you would like to ask, those questions can probably be answered by visiting a web site set up specifically for that purpose.  We invite you to visit the web site and find the answers to those questions you may have had.

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